WTS Abyssal Heat Sink - Better than officer!

Hello everybody,

like the title says, i want to sell an Abyssal Heat Sink.


According to Pyfa that’s + 30.2% DPS

For reference, the best officer mods (Chelm’s and Draclira’s) have ‘only’ + 28.7% DPS.

If you are interested. feel free to make an offer here or ingame.

Damjan Fox.

Still for sale


give you a bil for it :slight_smile:

Make it 1,5bil and we have a deal.

sorry no thanks, i was giving you the benefit of the fact you put effort into the forums to sell it, there is one on public contracts with the same dps rate for a bil

i guess i must have missed that public contract then. because i’ve checked the contracts, for items with similar stats. And i’m pretty sure, that my heat sink (that damage combined with the fitting benefits) is a good deal for 1,5 bil.

But thank you for you offer.


1.2b sound good?

@Lucky Bee ingame message sent.

wrong topic

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