Academia of Stratagem is a low sec PvE, Exploration and military influenced corporation

Academia of Stratagem, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Forever adrift in the endless void of New Eden. We do not seek war, nor do we seek to imperialize our fellow capsuleers. The treasure of our lives is knowledge and prosperity, and if war comes between us and our aspirations, then it is the sword we equip over any pen of diplomacy. Help us better ourselves and the universe, and we shall make it worth your while. We accept anyone no matter your experience level.
join are discord if you are interested

Should note a 75% tax is what’s implemented here for any newbros looking to join.

not true at Academia of Stratagem we have a 8% tax rate thank you for your concern

you must have just fixed it then. Just chatted with you in game and it was 75%

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