New player looking for a high sec corp

i started a few days ago and just been running SOE lvl1 missions with a poorly fitted cormorant. i used to play a long time ago but now im as lost as if it were the first time ive ever log in to eve.
i like pve and have never try pvp but willling to give it a chance. im an alpha clone at the moment but i dont when or if im going to upgrade to omega due to a lack of a steady job and the money exchange rate in my country makes it really difficult to omega on a consistent basis. i very much like to focus passive tanking ships but again im at a lost on how to effectively achieve this. i speak english and spanish.
thats pretty much everything about me. im just looking at a friendly corp without many requirements that would provide help at least until i get much more confortable with the game again.


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Il mail you in game dude

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