New player lf corp

I’ve played for about two days done all of the agency tutorials, profited about ~100m, I feel like I will learn faster and progress more with a corp. Currently I’m doing mostly exploration(low/null/WH) and don’t have plans to change that anytime soon, rather I’d like to build up to cloaking and exploration in ships that can accomplish a bit more. Preferably growing to a point where I can plex though I have no issues paying for omega until that becomes viable and not a miserable brutal grind.

I’m looking for a well established corp with experienced mature players that I can learn from and experience the game at my own pace whether it be growing to be more efficient and advanced with exploration or perhaps taking out ships for pvp. Im not sure if I’ve missed any critical information here anyway thanks in advance.

o7 Had any luck yet? If not, a friendly piece of advice: You talk only about what you want GIVEN TO YOU, nothing of what you can GIVE TO THE GROUP. Corporations usually want poeple that contributes to the group in one way or the other, why else should they have you amongst their ranks and spend time on you?

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