Looking for a Corp to learn and grow

I am a 70k unallocated SP Minmatar pilot, with Omega. Only been playing about a week or so. I’m still learning a lot about the game. I heard that a corp is one of the best ways to learn and grow provided it is a good corp. I find myself struggling with combat at the moment, but I’ve been preferring exploration, hacking, and mining anyway. I mostly hang out in hi-sec, but I would like to be able to explore low/null sec as I have heard those spaces are more lucartive. I’m 27 y/o, no kids, have decent working hours, and occasionally work from home, so I shouldn’t have any issues meeting requirements related to online time or operations. Looking for a corp that is friendly to newbies and doesn’t tolerate hate speech/discrimination. I’m able to do my own research regarding the game’s functions/details, just want to know that if I have a question about something, someone can clarify or go into more detail than the forums or wiki. Thank you for your interest.

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While you are looking for a corp, would you be willing to be apart of a service to other pilots?

You can still join a corp and be apart of us. Joining our “corp” is not a requirement

Is the goal of your org solely to raise NPC standings? What would joining y’all entail if I was not in your corp, but was still affiliated with you?

Edit: I didn’t mean for that to sound rude, I was just trying to be direct because I am an uneducated on a lot of how orgs operate in EVE

Great place to learn while you figure out what you want to specialize in:

Yes our main objective for 15 yrs is to fix standings for other pilots. We have folks from some of the biggest groups in our organization. Some created alts specifically to work with us, while others maintain status in their particular group and still work with us.

The corp for USIA is just for tracking payments and finances. Outside of that, you have complete control of your schedule, when to run, what corps to run.

What timezone are you?

Howdy, I am the CEO of a smallish corp based in HS/LS primarily are a mining corp but get up to other PVE activates also. Vogar Industrial | HS/LS Mining corp! New players Welcome!
Come join our discord and we can chat more, happy to answer any and all questions you may have!
Vogar Industrial

That’s impressive that you started data/relic sites on your own. Cherry Defense Systems has two shared bookmarks folders where we upload data/relic sites while scanning for gas. We have several people scanning sigs around the clock, and frequent alliance mining ops with free links/boosts/compression. We are a core member of The Initiative. The most powerful neutral state in null. Which grants us access to a variety of moons and ore so that you always have somewhere safe to mine. We can help guarding gas sigs, running ghost sites, compressing gas/ice/ore, finding crokite/mercoxit/r64/abyssal ore, clearing gas sites and clearing wormhole sites. If you’d like to liquidate your ore we buyback all ore at Jita price, and provide free hauling within one cyno jump of our refineries.

Once you’re ready to pvp… Well, we took out 4 Fortizars and a Sotiyo since New Year’s. These were my favourite fights from this month,
barghests vs ikitursas
vargurs vs ikitursas
hero gas miner baits and survives to tell the tale
Tsuki solo tanks six stealth bombers

Because of the amount of space we control, it is easy hack and mine 24hrs per day, if you bring enough coffee! I have plexed 46 times, and so can you!

Hey there Acab!
Welcome to EVE Online! I hope, at the very least, you are enjoying the game thus far - even if it feels very overwhelming. EVE has as VERY steep learning curve as far as MMO’s go, and the super sandbox nature of EVE makes it an even more complicated beast - too!
Finding the right group of people to play with definitely makes or breaks this experience for, as far as I am concerned, EVE is not a game you stick around in without other people / a strong community!

That said, I would REALLY love it if you considered joining Project Omega Industries! We are a very large, active corporation that makes its home in Null. Sec. AND! lol, I am certain that ‘null sec’ doesn’t really have much context for you at this point, but many players would agree that null sec. is where the game really ‘begins’ in the context of what EVE has to offer in a rounded game-play experience.

However, what makes Project Omega the best choice isn’t only the numerous active players and access to some of the most lucrative space in EVE; but its the family/real-life first community and the fun we have together playing this game. I am sure once you join - you will NOT regret it! <3

There is SO much I want to say here, but I am certain this experience already seems very overwhelming in and of itself. SO, I will send you a message in game with some more context and details and hopefully we can fly together soon!


We are a corp in its rebuilding phase looking for pilots to help us get going. Come check us out!