Vogar Industrial | HS/LS Mining corp! New players Welcome!

HS/LS Corp based in Amarr Space!

From Moon Mining to PVE missions there’s adventures for all!

What we offer:
LVL 4 combat missions
Ore buy back 90% Jita
Fleet Mining with Orca Support
HS and LS mining ops
Moon Mining
WH Exploration/Gas
New player support
Low Tax
Station refining with 0% tax

Feel free to reach out with questions or interest either with Eve Mail to me or join our discord:

Adding on we have started to venture in WH space for gas huffing and data sites!

Recruiting is open still

Expanding currently into moon mining!!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Moon Mining is up!

Looking for combat pilots as well

Recruiting open again

Still recruiting


Discord link fixed