★ Accelerated Impact is Now Recruiting eager, helpful pilots with initiative!

★ Accelerated Impact is Recruiting eager, helpful pilots with initiative!!!

★ Corp Location Amar Space
★ Accepting alliance inquiries

───── ❝ What we offer ❞ ─────
★ Friendly Environment.
★ Ship Reimbursement Program for corp and alliance fleets.
★ Monthly rewards for kills.
★ Ore Buy back program.
★ R4 Moon mining @ 10% tax to station holder.
★ The ability to run your own fleets with support from the corp.

───── ❝ Main Language: ❞ ─────
★ English

───── ❝ Discord: ❞ ─────

★ Public Channel: 0.A.I rec room

Ceo: (Zen0rg)
Directors: (Zyenn Gamaius) (Adon Hadah)
Diplo:(Zen0rg) (Zyenn Gamaius) (Adon Hadah) for fast response mail all of the above

Bump still looking for active members

recruitment still open new player friendly

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