Massive Impact-A good place for you to call home

Pilots, although solo play in Eve can be engaging, joining a good corporation can double, triple (maybe more) your enjoyment of the limited time you have logged in.
Pilots looking for a new and better corporation, please come take a look at our corporation. We are expanding. We have a relaxed adult atmosphere that encourages having a good time in whatever activities you enjoy. Fun, friendly someone is always online, 7 days a week. Our highest pilot online count is usually right after downtime, but we have a group that logs in consistently at the US evening time zone as well.

We are Massive Impact. We are based in Highsec(Gallente, Minmatar, and not too far off Jita) as that seems to offer the most flexibility. We have discord for “comms” which makes operations easier on everyone. Of course there is a typing channel if voice isn’t going to work for you.

So many pilots quit. I’m talking to you good pilot. Something about Eve always calls you back. This corporation is for you. Get back in the capsule with us! It’s a good place to call home.

A lot of brand new pilots ask how to hunt other players. This corporations is for you! We understand it takes some time to transition from PVE to PVP. But PVE can be lacking, so you won’t regret getting trained up in our group.

PVP participation is not required in our corporation. All pilots, as we grow, there’s more opportunity for you. From group mining to mission running, joining our corporation increases your isk growth endeavors. Find a great home here!

Need more info? How about a no risk chat with our friendly pilots in game. We’ll provide details on how to apply in our Chat Channel, Tickle Fights. In the neocomm, click on the Chat Icon and in the block type in “Tickle Fights”, then click Join. You can contact Antaria Wildsun, Garret Fix or me, Coritnia to become part of what makes Eve the best MMO out there, and that’s a great group you can count on to be there online with you.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to look at this recruitment thread. Our number one rule is real life comes first. But second, you know where you can come to have great fun.

I’m no expert at this game, but I’m thinking of returning. I like mining and trying to make ISK from commerce if I can. Is your corporation still looking for pilots?

There are some changes CCP plans to make in the coming weeks that will make industry very very interesting. Industry pilots will become indispensable and we will welcome you to our corp.
Having already some experience will give you an advantage in seeing just how to take advantage of these industry improvements CCP is working on. You’re invited to our in game chat, “Tickle Fights” or you can drop an application to the corp, Massive Impact

I appreciate that, but I wouldn’t call any experience I have an advantage! I will send an application when I log in next. (gotta take care f some house stuff right now…2 hungry dogs)

We are young and growing! Join and make a difference! Every pilot counts in our corp. You won’t be just a pilot, as it may be with large corps. We need you just as you need us!
We are not asking for any commitment but in yourself. New, returning, or just finding yourself in a “dead” corp, come to our channel, “Tickle Fights” and talk to our pilots online. No obligation, super helpful, and super friendly. If you’re going to be piloting a ship in a cold dangerous universe, don’t do it alone.

It’s time to leave the vacuum of the NPC corp your in. Today, come to our channel and well handle your application to Massive Impact. A small but up and coming does everything corp.
We need new pilots, we need veteran pilots. We’re trying to fill out the time slot in the Eastern US time zone. We have a good representation in the EU time zone but more pilots would be welcome, it goes with out saying.
May you encounter smooth sailing ahead, laughing in danger’s face all the way!

Looking for new pilots! We are a friendly helpful bunch. We can get you set on your new piloting career in Eve Online.

We are a relaxed group, perfect for those veteran pilots who just want to come back and play, no mining mission requirements, no sp minimums. We welcome you to pick up right where you left off, but with helpful support if you want it.

You can check us out, before committing to the application process. Find and join Tickle Fights from the chat channel icon in the Neocomm.

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