Massive Impact - HS Mining and Very Newbro Friendly

I am recruiting for my corp Massive Impact. Our current focus is fleet mining in HS and we live next to a good ice system. I can offer Orca boosts and fleet ops whenever I am online, which is typically from about an hour after DT till whenever. I play a lot. My goal is to create a group of friends and advance the corp from HS mining into greater ventures. Friends first and real life first.

We fly fleet fits that will not get you ganked, and expect members to train for these fits, use them, and come to understand why they keep you from getting killed. We can help you with training plans and have good fleet fits to work towards. I will teach you how to survive in this amazing game.

For those that are interested I will be running excursions into wormhole space as people gain skill and the desire to do so. I can teach you to hunt, and we have a WH sister corp that is available once you learn the ropes of WH life.

We use Discord for coms and you can join our chat Tickle Fights to get more information about our corp.

Thanks so much for looking and I hope we see you in game,

Souixie Wolfrun

Bump, still recruiting

Still recruiting, thanks for looking.

What general area of high sec and is the corporation active M-F 7PM PST - 11PM PST GMT -7 ???

We are in The Citadel, in a quiet pocket. We tend to play US times though. If you are interested in joining you would have to realize that most of us don’t play your time zone, but we will eventually pick up people that do.

Thanks for looking!

Still recruiting.

We are still recruiting.

We are still recruiting.

We are still recruiting.

We are still recruiting.

We are still recruiting. We have quite a fine crew of pilots now and would love to have more.