⚠️ HS Mining, Industry, Missions, Exploring Corp Looking for YOU!

We are a HS corporation looking for you! We have no requirements and a low tax rate. We do mining fleets with boosts, industry, exploring and L4 missions. Newbro or bitter vet, all are welcome. Currently we are a USTZ corp but looking to expand.

We have our own citadel and friendly citadels nearby and cannot be war dec’d. We have a lot of experience to help out our newbros. We can help out with t1 ships as needed.

We are a relaxed corp with no time commitments, real life is always first. If you are looking for a laid back and relaxed corp, look no further. Join our public channel for more information. W1CKD Pub

We are small but give us a shot. We have fun and are laid back, no pressure, no time/participation commitments.

Sounds like what I’m looking for, been running solo in high sec for years, but there are so few high sec corporations that focus on industrial and PVE or are war decced so much it just makes it impossible to be free to spend time doing the PVE stuff.

If you can send me an eve mail on how to apply I’ll follow it up, thanks.

Sure thing! Invite sent.

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