Active Indy Pilot Looking for a Null Home

(Arcano Dentist) #1

I am an active player, damn near daily, US TZ , not that that matters much, I play after work, late in the night and all weekend so I am on during all time zones.
What I am in need of is a corp/Alliance with a buyback program, mining ops and mining ops that allows Rorquals to be fielded. Don’t laugh, I left my last corp because I was attacked for undocking a Rorq without, quote, permission.
I have been in Eve since 2009, I am completely self sufficient, drama free and I know how to fry chicken.
API is ready for inspection, Crow is fueled and ready to Taxi me out. High sec is killing me softly, please for the love of God, get me back to a Null home!!!
If I am not responding to a chat invite I am probably napping or pooping, nothing personal, you aren’t being ignored. An Eve mail can get answered from my phone even at work. Thanks all.

(Arcano Dentist) #2

Found a home, thanks.

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