Pilot seeking Indy focused Corp


So let me put it in simple terms. I am not ready to move to Null currently. I will in the future be looking to move to Null but for now trying to get everything trained up and hang in High Sec.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way here is what I am looking for again in pretty simple language.

  • Industry Corp
    *Mining Ops
    *Friendly and like minded people
  • Active in US TZ

Those 4 are a must, this does not mean just 3 or 4 people. I am not interested in helping start a corp I would like an established Corporation.

I have 3 miners 1 orca and my freigther pilot. I am set up on my own well and expect the same. If this sounds harsh or a bit unreasonable I am sorry but I am going to be extremely picky as I know where I want to go and my goals for myself and what I want out of Eve.

If you would like to talk hit me up

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