🇺🇸 Active NS Corp looking to grow!

Come and join us, we have punch and pie!

Nullsec living at it’s best, come check us out!

Come fly with us!

Greeting fellow space people!

-Are you sick of trying to mine in hi-sec and getting blown up by nerds in catalysts?
-Are you tired of building things only to sell them for a loss on the market?
-Are you sick of shooting the same poor gurista or serpentis mission rats over and over again?
-Are you tired of trying to solo pvp only to get beat up on by a 20 man gang?

Well then we have an offer for you!

Come on down and join us in Wicked Syndicate!

-We’ve got null anom and moon mining for you to partake in, and get those tasty ores to use or sell back without having to take it to jita yourself…
-Multiple market and manufacturing hubs for you to build to your hearts content and make money while doing it.
-We’ve also got lots of nice Sansha rats to shoot in DeD sites and escalations, you can even shoot some players while they try to kill you.
-Lots of chances for pvp. Small gang, large gang, blobs, capital, super caps/titans. We’ve got it all! Shoot random roamers, wh gangs, other alliances trying to steal our turf, and those evil gewns.

If any of this sounds like it’s up your alley, jump into W1CKD Pub and let’s get the process started.

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Hey there, do you all use voice coms?

Yes, we use mumble for comms with TS as a backup.

So we’re back at it again. You not having a corp or wanting a new one… Me trying to convince you to join us. Let’s end this horrible game and just get you on our side.

We still have asteroids and moons for you to mine.
We have evil computer space pirates to blow up.
Heck, we have regular space pirates/nerds/wormholers/gewns to blown up too.

We have discord and mumble to use and have laughs on.

Stop by W1CKD Pub and annoy someone til they talk to you. If you need help with that, let me know. I’m an expert.

Come to the W1CKD side, you know you want to!