Active Null-sec Corp - Imperium Member - Looking for ratters, miners and PVP pilots - Outer Reaches Imperium [ORI-1]

Proud Members of the Imperium

Who we are:

We are a highly active, multi-time zone member of the Imperium. We are a brotherhood within our glorious Empire. We serve with honour.

Whether it is defending the borders of the Imperium, building vast fleets for our many wars, or coming to the aid of our allies, we are always doing our duty.

What we can offer you:

  • Best ratting space in New Eden.

  • Regular large and small PVP fleets.

  • Five of the safest null-sec regions in the game to mine and explore in.

  • Premium moons owned by the corp.

  • Greatest null-sec trade hub (second only to Jita).

  • Ship replacement program for all fleets.

  • A friendly, dedicated community who will invest in you if you invest in us.


Join our discord: Outer Reaches Imperium


Haha Highly active ?

You’re Corporation has 14 members so I very much doubt you’re as active as you have made out.

Also you killboard states you’re Corporation has next to no kills at all meaning it’s either brand new ? Or just Dosent participate in any of the large fights you have suggested you do.

Just seems to me that you have made a renter corporation and placed it within a renter alliance and also looks like you’ve tried to copy your last group in nearly every way


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I don’t know ‘Raz’, maybe if you spent less time using an alt character to abuse former members and more time playing the game, everyone wouldn’t have left your corp to join this one.

As you know, we’re the experienced group of players mentioned in your recruitment post, but without a tonne of bricks weighing us down.

I’d sooner have 14 people who play every day than 600 inactive accounts.

Also check out our new R64 moon. At least 8 times more valuable than your four ones put together.

Thanks for the bump,



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Open for recruitment.

:parrot: :parrot: Always recruiting :parrot: :parrot:

:parrot: :parrot: Always recruiting :parrot: :parrot:

:parrot: :parrot: Always recruiting :parrot: :parrot:

:parrot: :parrot: Always recruiting :parrot: :parrot: