Active Null-sec Corp - Looking for ratters, miners and PVP pilots - Apostles

Proud Members of Reeloaded.


Who we are:

We are an active, multi-time zone corporation living on the frontier of space. We are an unbroken gang, and a brotherhood. We serve with honour.

Whether it is defending our borders, building vast fleets for future wars, or coming to the aid of our allies, we are always doing our duty.

What we can offer you:

  • Best ratting space in New Eden.

  • Regular large and small PVP fleets.

  • One of the safest regions in the game to mine and explore in.

  • Premium moons.

  • Null-sec trade hub.

  • Ship replacement program for all fleets.

  • A friendly, dedicated community who will invest in you if you invest in us.

Join our discord: Apostles.



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