Active Stable Corp seeking Pilots

Greetings Pilot.

Primary Sector is a 11 year old corporation, with Ties to Null and Worm Hole space. We primalry mine, and manufacture ships and ammo. But we have weekly Pochven Null sec roam for fun.

We also dabble in wormhole space for Industrial use and PVE content. Some key points are listed below.

↔ 13 year Eve Vet Owned
↔ High Sec Industrial Corp
↔ No Alarm Clock opps
↔ Ore buyback at Market
↔ Daily Mining Fleets
↔ Abyssal and Pochven roams (pvp)
↔ Level 4 missions for S.O.E. and M.O.W.
↔ Planetary Interaction
↔ Max orca boosts for belt and moon mining

There’s so much more we do. Stop by our pub in game and have a chat.


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