Activity Tracker 24/11/2020

Have anyone else had their activity tracker reset today?

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I don’t know if I have ever looked at it.


I think I noticed a few years back that activity trackers stats are stored locally, not on CCP’s servers. This means that if you reinstall the game, you suddenly get a lot of “activity level 1” spam.

Not sure if that’s changed since then.

The resets have been an issue (or feature if you think about #CCPQualityCoding) that has been reported for a few weeks now.

Did it actually reset, or was it just temporary connection loss to the activity tracker database?

I’ve had that issue before, and started to get a lot of activity tracker notifications for achieving things I had achieved a long time already. But some time later my old activity tracker stats were back again.

Not that I would really notice that my activity tracker stats were wrong, if it didn’t spam me with notifications.

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Not today. But it’s a pretty regular event for me lately. A restart fixes it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


No it is 100% reset. When i was ratting earlier today it was going nuts!! I then open up the activity track to see that everything in it was back to 0. Everything is just gone like I am a new player again.

Mine has been completely reset as well today. Can’t understand why it even exists if it’s just going to randomly reset.

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I think I opened it only one time when it was introduced, and removed notifications from it because I dont like spam.

It is reset from time to time, then the next time you log in, everything is fine again. Don’t worry, I don’t think that the progress is lost, sometimes only the current data is not available.


I noticed the server spam from level 1 exploration to level 4 bloody no install I suspect they reset

Yeah same, although it happened today

It really is amazing how many ongoing issues like this the incompetent developers cant fix.


Activity Tracker resetted today again for me, is this a common, unresolved, issue? It happend 3 times in the last month and i was wondering if it is come kind of time acrivity tracker, that is intended to reset, or is it just a bug? It makes not that much sense if it resets randomly^^

Are activity trackers something new?

My activity tracker appeared to be reset, everything is 0

Nope. And thank God for that. I wouldn’t know what I’d do! My Oh my

Don’t worry, when this happens it’s temporary and the activity tracker has absolutely no gameplay implications anyway.

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