Add NPC plantetary production harvesting FOBs to wormholes

What: Expansion of wormhole content and NPC resource harvesting into plantetary production. NPC PI swarms can temporarily deplete (or greatly reduce) the planets of the wormhole systems they operate within for that month, however poco owners are reasonably compensated by NPC paid taxes on resources, unless poco owners charge too much (or NPC transports are attacked too frequently) at which point NPCs bash structures and install their own customs offices with a (moderately high) tax rate.

  • Serves as variable income driver as player stakeholders balance AI entity behavior of being given tax revenue for NPC use of player owned structures, coping with eventual resource depletion, and NPC response fleet attacks on player transport ships and pocos if NPCs are unhappy with tax rates.
    -If a poco owner of that system is unable to safeguard (e.g. wormhole renter) NPC transport fleets from repeated attacks by visitors from outside the wormhole system, the best way to placate these visiting NPC from bashing is to set the poco tax rate to 0%.
    -Offer secondary means to acquire PI by ambushing NPC transports or attacking the temporarily stationed, highly well defended FOB (which will stay in a system for fixed time, eg. 28 days, before packing up and moving on with assembled resources). The wormhole FOB is best engaged by capitals (high ehp, increased damage cap) if a player entity chooses to attack. The NPC evac fleet can be engaged by sub-cap skirmishes, yet it is much less likely to acquire all PI loot resources compared to FOB drop.
    -Limited number of NPC FOBs active at any time. NPCs PI production pipeline adapts to planetary mix of that system. More adventageous to attack FOB that has opportunity to build more P4 goods based on planetary mix.

Feedback welcome

wormholer btw

Seems PITA and pointless.

Was there some benefit?

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