Adding Home Station Link to Neocom Sidebar

Would it be possible to add a shortcut to a place - like my Home Station - to the Neocom Sidebar at the left of the HUD?

When I’m out mining, it would be so much easier to just click a link on my Neocom to warp back home than to open up a new window to do the same thing.

Don’t you already have the overview opened?
The overview should NEVER be set on the Mining tab for longer than a few seconds to have a rough idea of what is in the belt. Whatever asteroid you want to mine, you select it from the Survey scanner window.
And you should have your overview showing other players around, and your escape station visible and ready to select and jump to (if not preset as your Destination for more visibility to it).

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To address your concerns:

  1. Of course I always have the overview open, and no, it isn’t set on the Mining tab all the time. I even have combat targets prioritized, just in case.
  2. My suggestion wasn’t just for mining alone. It was a general, all-purpose suggestion for a feature that might make some people’s lives a little easier.

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