[Additional Item] Ship maintenance bay containers

Pain Point

Containers are currently limited to act as ‘hangar’ types. This is limiting for corporation directors, fleet commanders, and logistics teams supplying the constantly shifting faction warfare front-lines.

User Story

Provide containers that can hold assembled ships for use by corporation hangars and carrier pilots.


Two additional containers

  • Ship Maintenance Bay Container (1,000,000 m3)
  • Ship Maintenance Bay Warehouse Container (100,000,000 m3)

The Ship Container would be allowed to be stored in ship maintenance bays, allowing carriers, force auxiliaries, etc to be used by logistics teams to deploy large numbers of fitted ship assets (particularly useful in faction warfare, moving rearguard assets to the frontline. or exfilling/infilling for a deployment).

The Ship Warehouse Container would store large numbers of doctrine ships, providing organization inside of corporation hangars for contracting teams.

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