Adjacency Principle - Wormhole PvP

[ADJAC] is a recently-formed EUTZ PvP corp currently operating from a C4-C5/C3 wormhole.

Why should you consider ADJAC?

  • Small, tight-knit community of PvPers looking to get the most out of wormhole space.
  • CEO with years of experience in wormhole space, wormhole mechanics and brawling meta.
  • Transparent and active leadership, with plenty of room for you to shape the direction of the corp.
  • TeamSpeak, Pathfinder and Forums to get the most out of your Eve-time.

What are we looking for?

  • Ambitious PvP oriented pilots looking to get involved and help be part of a goal-focused community - F1 pushers and ping warriors need not apply.
  • Those looking to bring their own skills to bear: Do you have hot video editing skills? Maybe writing guides is more your thing? Perhaps you’re relentlessly out there finding things to shoot or are fancy in the theorycrafting department?
  • At minimum, we expect:
    • Amarr Cruiser V
    • Second Omega account with at least a decently-skilled scanner
  • Ideal candidates would have:
    • Familiarity with wormhole space
    • Amarr Cruiser V, Logistics Cruiser V, Amarr Battlecruiser V and Command Ships V
    • Competency in multiboxing

If this sounds like your kind of thing, check out our Discord and ask about recruitment.

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Recruitment continues

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open!

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