Advice For Buying Specific Clothing Item

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy a pair of Women’s “Minima” Heels, however, everywhere I look there doesn’t seem to be any available.

I’ve posted on the Buy Orders forum, asked some people I know, etc, but I’m not getting anywhere.

Can anyone advise me where I can ask if anyone is selling this particular clothing item?

Thanks for your time!

Don’t waste your isk on clothing if you’re a beginner.

Here you go.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I’m not a beginner.

I’ve looked on the in-game market and there are none available.

Women’s “Minima” Heels

It’s very very hard to find specific items like that. Talk to older EVE players they may have it. You really need to network on items like these. They don’t come cheap! Someone may point you through a discord that hosts rare item sales. Just need to know the right people. Entire underworld in EVE dedicated to high value sales and exotic goods.

Anyways my point is finding the right network of people. Try to target older EVE vets. Good luck.

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