Aeon BPO ME 8/10

(Trader Mong) #1

Selling this well researched Aeon BPO ME: 8 / TE: 10

Starting bid: 25B
Buyout: 32.5B

Location Amarr

(Admiral Mason) #2


I think you overestimate Aeon popularity.

(Trader Mong) #3

Thanks for your bid. Theres no researched Aeon BPOs on the contract, so I’ll certainly hold out for at least the starting bid :wink:

(Trader Mong) #4


(Metalloid) #5

I am interested in this BPO. will offer 25 bill. contact me in game for quick sale

(Trader Mong) #6

Sold. Thanks.

(system) #7

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