AFOKI - Recruiting EUtz Wormholers

Well hello there buddy.

We are A Fools Kingdom (AFOKI), part time fools and full time hotshot-pvp enthusiasts.

“I have never heard of this corp. Who tf are you?” You might ask yourself.

We have been around for only a few weeks, but want to mark our spot in this wretched place we call wormholes. This corp has joined TURBOFEED OR GLORY, which is undoubtedly the best name out there and it perfectly describes the approach to PVP we have. Either a hilarious feed, or a goddamn good fight.

“You got my attention, but what else do you offer?”

Easy, good access to C3 / C5 krabbing, but god forbid you just wanna krab. This ain’t that kinda alliance. We are out here in search of the very best pixel spaceship explosions Eve has to offer, be it our own, or thy enemies. What we also offer is probably the most relaxed atmosphere in j-space. From everyday chatter on comms all the way to Tirow drunkenly flying a covops cyno tengu, staying silent for 45 minutes only to disrupt the silence on comms with a sudden “cyno up”. We have been there, we have done it. Yes he is still getting memed for that one till this day. And we love it.

“Sounds good, is there something else I have to know?”

We have well established infrastructure (Market, Buyback). What we wanna do with this corp is simple. Provide a home for those looking for hotshot pvp, in a relaxed environment with not much care for what you lose in search of glorious pvp.

Soft requirements to join:

  • 15mil SP
  • Some general knowledge about j-spacing
  • Bloodthirst for PVP
  • relaxed attitude towards the game

All of those are variable, all spais welcome

Mainly looking for EUTZ members, but dont shy away USTZ, I like you too and can help you!

Discord Link:

Ingame channel: AFOKI Public

Alliance website:

Scram you in space nerd, o7

Still looking for new members!



Join our public Channel or Discord and talk to a recruiter today!


Join our Discord or ingame channel to talk to a recruiter today!


bump! Still looking for new members!

Still recruiting!!

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