A Fools Kingdom - EUTZ Wormhole PVP Corporation

Come one, come all to the greatest wormhole corporation to grace your zkill! We are A Fool’s Kingdom, the more vertically superior, EUTZ brother-in-arms of the TURBOFEED OR GLORY Alliance, looking for more hot single moms isk-ignorant friends to feed with, glory with, and just generally ■■■■ about with.

You: un-ISK-adverse player over the age of 18 from any parts of space, with around 20m SP or more (exceptions can be made) and a compatible attitude, looking for wormhole living and long warps in outer space. Previous wormhole experience not required. Spies also welcome but may be awoxed upon discovery.

Me: ISK-questionable corporation living in a C4 Wolf Rayet, with both C3 and C5 statics. Sex Dungeon activities include, but are not limited to: ragerolling, ESS roams, BLOPS drops (with or without marshals), bait krabbing, welp fleets, making fun of krabs, praising His Most Holy St. Bendosnoot, praising 800m Repeating Cannons, occasional evictions and eviction defence.

Basic home defence doctrine training will be required eventually. Fun mandatory.

If you feel like this is the relationship you’ve been looking for, hop on our discord and give us a shout. As our alliance director once said: " If you’re wondering why EVE isn’t fun anymore, it’s because you’re not in a goddamn wormhole. "

Discord: [A Fools Kingdom]
Website: [https://www.turbofeedorglory.com/]

Still looking for new members!

Still recruiting, drop by our discord or AFOKI Public

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