What’s up nerd. Are you tired of spinning ships? Do you want to escape the hell that is blueballing? Do you have a hot desire to melt enemy ships down to their base materials and send em straight to the shadow realm of zkill? Yes? Well, get on in and we can make it work! Honestly, Jspace is the most fun when you and us become one on the path to find the very best spaceship explosions this dumb space submarine simulator has to offer. Dank kills, laughing at your mates when they inevitably roll themselves out, shitposting in meme channels, and a halfway competent way of playing this ancient game is what we offer to you as an escape from the harsh reality of life.

If you want to be a part of this hot mess of dumb memery and possibly even tomfoolery, shoot us a message on our discord and be vividly excited to change the way you are playing.

Guidelines for you:

  • 30ish mil SP
  • willingness to scan out the statics looking for next fight to be had, bait to be taken or to absolutely blob the living ■■■■ out of the newbro explorer in his Heron.
  • self sufficiency
  • be able to fly alliance doctrines or willing to train into them shouldn’t you be able to fly them. Namely the Legion / Guardian and the Nighthawk / Drake Navy / Basilisk
  • its damn game, we have no place for drama.

About us: We are part of the TURBOFEED OR GLORY alliance, known for failed CSM runs and getting smashed in the recent Alliance Tournament. The name implies exactly how we play, either a gud fight or hilarious feed. Currently residing within the full on degeneracy that is a a C4 C3/C5 Wolf Rayet wh system. Dank double statics mean double the content right? Right??

As a wise man once said: “if you’re not having fun, it is because you are not living in a goddamn wormhole.”

So get in, set HAMs to ■■■■ and become elite HEAVY ARMOR BRAWLBOI today!

Discord > > A Fools Kingdom

Website > > https://www.turbofeedorglory.com/

Ingame > > AFOKI Public

Still recruiting

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