🌍 African Atomic. - EU C5/C5 - WH PVP


African Atomic is sounding the call to arms and recruiting PVP pilots with a killer instinct!

Who are we?

We live in a vanilla C5/C5 wormhole and are primarily an EU TZ, English speaking corporation in Stay Feral.
We also do have large presence in US TZ as an alliance.

We have done it all!

Lowsec residents for a long time and the founding corp of Trainwreck. :bullettrain_side:, infamous capital feeders back in the day, yes, we like to undock and fight with unfavourable odds & numbers, experimented in Nullsec sov warfare being part of Triumvirate, one of the oldest PVP alliances in Eve.
Now we are stoked to start a new chapter in African Atomic history by living in wormhole space.
No matter where we are we aim to PVP

We are a group that has been flying together for years and opening our recruitment to both experienced and newer players to pump in some fresh blood!

What we can offer you:

• Rolling statics for PVP content
• Small Gang to medium sized fleet fights
• A wardec free experience
• Static C5 connection
• Industrial facilities
• High Class PVE
• A social & friendly group to have fun and talk with

What are we looking for:

• Omega Accounts Only
• 10 million+ Skill Points
• Willingness to train into doctrines
• People with FC experience but not mandatory
• An alt account that can fly a Dictor and/or Covert Ops Scanner is useful but again not mandatory
• Working microphone
• Willingness to PVP, we are a PVP first Corp & Alliance (PVE is for funding our PVP!)
• Be respectful
• In chain, in comms policy

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98551200/

Alliance Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99011127/

Discord: https://discord.gg/tEbrBRusPZ

In-Game Channel: Vertical Supremacy

Contacts & discord ID:

Exore (.exore.)

LeBaronRouge (adrien7094)

Maloras Chryl (maloraschryl)

See you ingame :rocket:

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