African Atomic [Train Wreck.] - Low Sec PVP - Capital Ships Shenanigans

African Atomic [YUG3N] corporation is sounding the call to arms and recruiting PVP pilots with a killer instinct!

We are an EU TZ, English speaking corporation and a member of Triumvirate [TRI] alliance–one of EVE’s oldest and most established PVP groups.

After shaking up lowsec as a founding member of Trainwreck. Alliance, we have joined TRI and are helping to lead their new invasion into the southern nullsec thunderdome, getting fights daily in all time zones. TRI is a campaign alliance, setting goals and working relentlessly to accomplish them.

No TIDI, no pap links, no megablobs: your contribution matters as TRI’s mid-scale fleet fights and skirmishes reward skilled piloting and give everyone an opportunity to have an impact.

In African Atomic, we are looking for people that want to make a difference. As a tight knit corp, you are not just another random F1 button mashing number in fleet as we seek to empower our members with specific roles and encourage them to grow in their experience.

Moreover, TRI features a diverse bunch of content creators in all time-zones and is actively growing so it only gets better from here.

Killboard : African Atomic. | Corporation | zKillboard
Discord: African Atomic
In-Game Channel: Vertical Supremacy

Contact & discord ID :

  • Exore (.exore.)
  • LeBaronRouge (adrien7094)
  • Maloras Chryl (maloraschryl)

In addition to fleet fights with capital escalations, we offer diverse activities including:

  • Black ops hotdrops and baits
  • Third party fights and participation in allied fleets in lowsec and nullsec
  • War target harassment and gate camps through our standing fleet
  • Wormhole roams across EVE
  • C5 Wormhole dives for income
  • Alliance jump freighter delivery service at cheaper than public rates
  • R64 moon mining and ratting space with alliance SRP available

Minimum Requirements:

  • Demonstrated PVP experience and a pro-active attitude to contribute to the alliance, no drama
  • 2+ accounts capable of flying t2/t3 PVP doctrines
  • Own or are willing to train a dreadnought on an alt
  • Working microphone and speak English

See you in game o7


Happy new Year, we’re going strong into 2023 !

Footage of a Legion fight

Bring your A game ! :sunglasses:

Growing nicely :pray:

Still recruiting pvpers !

Come join we got cookies and dreads :heart:

I wanna join

get it touch!

Still looking for pew pew enthusiasts !

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Going strong

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10/10 big baller corp

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sick fight :smiling_imp:

video to come soon

Still recruiting big ballers :basketball:

Us vs Russian world

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Join so we can defeat the Snuff/Jutsu blob :eyes:

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Still recruiting !

nice brawl in null expedition last night :pray:

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