African Atomic [Train Wreck.] - Low Sec PVP - Capital Ships Shenanigans

Time Zone : EUTZ - USTZ

Language : English (tolerance to scandinavian humour useful)

African Atomic is beating the war drum, if you have some PvP under your belt, and you’re somewhat ISK independent, consider joining us.

We are part of Train Wreck. [CRASH] Low-Sec PVP alliance and known to be enthusiast capital droppers across New Eden. Tired of spinning your dreadnought in your hangar ? Then we’re probably the right place for you. :innocent:

In addition, we do regular small/medium gang roams in FW areas, in a variety of ships, incl. Assault frigates gangs, nano cruisers,and brick-tanked battlecruisers.

Blopsing is also on the menu, get your Redeemers ready !
Big Ahbazon blops drop o’clock

Our HQ is in Thelan of the notorious Aeman constellation. If you died recently due to a gatecamp on Rancer gate, then you already have met us (sorry not sorry :smirk:).

A few requirements:

  • Microphone (TS3)

  • Good attitude (we don’t like drama queens)

  • Willingness to PVP

  • Dread alt encouraged ! :pray:

Check out some of our vids !

Dread Brawl against Jutsu

Dread Brawl against Parallaxis

Ahbazon hotdrop

SC + TW collab against Snuff/Jutsu

Revenge against Russian blob

Discord: Train Wreck

Pub game channel: Vertical Supremacy

Contact: Zaltys, manbelly big, LeBaronRouge (EU) & techmonkey11 (US).

If you are the CEO of a PVP corporation and wish to join Train Wreck. contact our supreme leader Faymm.

See you soon in game o7


Happy new Year, we’re going strong into 2023 !

Footage of a Legion fight

Bring your A game ! :sunglasses:

Growing nicely :pray:

Still recruiting pvpers !

Come join we got cookies and dreads :heart:

I wanna join

get it touch!

Still looking for pew pew enthusiasts !

Blops action → Battle Report Tool :pray:


Going strong

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10/10 big baller corp

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sick fight :smiling_imp:

video to come soon

Still recruiting big ballers :basketball:

Us vs Russian world

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Bumpity bump

Join so we can defeat the Snuff/Jutsu blob :eyes:

New vid out :fire:

Last Sunday was lit :fire:

BR : Battle Report Tool

Still recruiting !

nice brawl in null expedition last night :pray:

Battle Report Tool