Agency 'Pyrolancea' Boosters & Vorton Turrets

I’m trying to confirm whether the ‘Pyrolancea’ boosters effect the Vorton turrets.

From the description you think they would but I didn’t notice any stat changes whilst playing around on the test server when consuming one.

As there was a specific set of Vorton boosters for a limited time I’m suspicious that maybe they don’t.

Can anyone confirm?


Vorton projectors are not turrets from a weapon-class perspective (they use turret mounting points on a hull, but are not otherwise classed as turrets); they are Small Upwell weapons. As such, turret buffs do not apply to them. This is why they have separate skill entries as well.

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Thanks, I suspected as much but couldn’t find anything at the time I posted which definitively stated that.

Digging around in Pyfa a bit more I note that the booster effects the Surgical Strike skill bonus and that Vorton projectors themselves are not affected by that skill so that all makes sense now.

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