a corporation formed after open beta test, we are focusing on decentralized (micro gang combat) and teaching eve echoes new bros (PVP/PVE), we are the new way of starting out your EVE ECHOES career.

we offering PVP/ PVE, training and teaching EVE ECHOES Newbros experience, good people to fly with and advance EVE ECHOES players career, joining with millions EVE ECHOES players.

we are looking for EVE online players had good communication and teaching skills for EVE ECHOES Newbros, loves teaching EVE ECHOES Newbros (EVE ECHOES Newbie Players) everyday.

we’re followed AGONY philosophy, :
-PVP is fun, enjoy it, but real life comes first.
-PVP is a challenge, pay attention and aim to improve.
-Honor your word - you stand to gain more by keeping it than you do by breaking it.
-We are here to have fun, but do expect a reasonable level of maturity.
-There are no enemies, only opponents.
-Knowledge should be shared, not hoarded - smarter opponents will force you to up your game.
-SP and ISK aren’t required for successful PVP and using your head beats both.

if you interested in teaching EVE ECHOES NEWBROS join with us!