AIR is recruiting. Nullsec PvP and PvE with The Initiative

Recruitment is open. Come and join one of the oldest corps in the game.

Come get stuck in a bubble with us.

Air is still open for recruitment. I am out of town until Saturday but you can swing by the Air Auth and I will get on this as soon as I am back.

Air. Part of Init. Living in fountain. Come have some fun with us.

Still recruiting. Will be back home on Sunday so will get on processing people. Come join us in Air.

Recruitment train back on the tracks. Swing by and check out Air.

Air recruitment is still open. Come have a chat.

Still open. People are welcome to DM me on discord at any time…

Air is still recruiting.

Been with these guys for a few months and having a blast. Fountain is full of life and a good place to be at the moment. If you are looking for a competent corp/alliance, give Air a shot.

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Let’s get the recruitment train re rolling.
We have Titans.
We make things Explode.

Still recruiting.
Feel free to reach out.

Why the HQ is in curse?


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