[AIR] PvP/PvE Nullsec Corp - The Initiative

AIR Corporation
Members of The Initiative.
UK/EU Based Active PvP, PvE Corporation of New Eden
All Time Zones welcome
Created in 2003
Current Recruitment Status: CLOSED

What can you expect?

AIR is an oldschool corp filled with mature, long time players who are mainly based in the UK/EU. We aim to make an atmosphere where we are brothers in arms and help each other like a family. If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere filled with decent players all having a good time, then AIR is for you. We aim to provide content for PvP,PvE and industry centered players and work together to achieve great things whilst under the INIT. banner as part of the imperium.

What Corp and Alliance can offer:

  • Located in null-sec Fountain
  • Small gang roams
  • Large scale Alliance warfare
  • Black Ops, Capital PvP and Hotdrops!
  • Ship Reimbursement Program!
  • ISK making options galore!
  • Rorqual Mining
  • Titans and Supers at good prices
  • Experienced members to help guide lower SP and returning players

What we’re looking for, ideally:

  • Mumble with a working microphone
  • Participation in Corporate and Alliance operations
  • Small Gang, Fleet and nullsec experience
  • Be able to buy Alliance and Corp doctrines
  • Willingness to train into alliance doctrines
  • Mature, friendly players who are committed

All new members are required to supply a full ESI token (with ALL Characters) and have a chat with some of our guys in AIR Logistics!

Join Air Logistics channel or contact:
Sinickal (Director - EU/UK)
Sean Finchy (CEO - EU/UK)

Interested? Get in the Air Logistics channel and let’s talk.

Recruitment Open


PLEX (for good) Party with the Triglavian’s - Saturday 18 January at 19:00 Eve

INIT have invited New Eden to F7C for a brawl and a Zirnitra kill this Saturday at 19:00 to try and raise money for the CCP PLEX for Good campaign.

We will be forming a Triglavian Fleet only - fits will be posted - so start training into something now. We will form in IGE-RI at 18:00, we will enter F7C around 19:00 and assuming enough people are there i expect the Zirnitra to show up about 19:15 ish.

We want this to be a politics free, ego free, â– â– â– â–  talk free event that focuses on having a good time together as Eve players and raising PLEX for the Bushfire campaign. While the fleet will not be SRPed the Alliance instead will be donating 33 PLEX for every INIT. person in fleet so please show up in force!

Everyone, including blues are free to shoot our fleet, I don’t expect anyone to live but i do expect it to be an epic evening.

Air is recruiting. We want solid SP PvP pilots Null experience and if your an FC or wannab FC get in contact.



Looking for active PvP fleets and roams? Get in!

Recruitment Open

And up!



If you looking for an active (haha in the face of current server and chat issues) Null based Corp, then look no further and talk to us in the in game channel Air Logistics

Recruitment Open

Wanted; mature, friendly, salt givers.

[ 2020.02.08 02:11:14 ] Sivalasan > Cloudis > Hello ., sorry we have a temp hold on recruitment at the moment due to operations . Un fortunately we havnt updated the post which i can only apologize forIncvase u missed it

Hi Damilola, thank you for your enquiry. Your message in-game indicated you were looking for PVE, mining, Industry, PI, and main interest is production and hauling - we are not an indy corp nor care-bears - please read the corp description.

Now if you are a pew pew mad, salt giving, experienced PVP pilot…talk to us.

Yes there are ISK opportunities to help fund ships and big explosions…but you must crave PVP fun, solo, small gang, fleets and big toy actions.

p.s dropped you some suggestions via mail in-game, hope they help

Recruitment Open

Looking for a Null PvP Corp? Talk to us in the Air Logistics channel