[AIR] PvP/PvE Nullsec Corp - The Initiative

And up!

Happy valentines :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Our “best”/most active PVP pilot is on over 200 kill-mails in the last 7 days!

You want PVP fun and mayhem - get in and shake the salt!!

Talk to us in the in-game channel Air Logistics.

p.s. PVP kills subject to YOU making the effort. We can only provide the opportunity :crazy_face:

p.p.s Out with INIT right now, just got on 30 km’s and over 6bil of kills…fleet continues and more tonight.

Come take a walk in null and see what we get up to out in the big bad dark

Whether your wanting to try something new from highsec or if ya been around the block .

Come have a chat and see what we’re about.

Recruitment Open. Chat with us in the Air Logistics channel

And up!

Start your new EVE journey with a chat with us

Begin the adventure, Fly the time of your life, Be with the best and the best you will be

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The weekend. Let the fleets begin.

Bump-… :smile:

When i log into EVE I like to have options; PvP fleets, great people to fly and chat with, prefer no drama but salty fun, and yes sometimes quiet solo PVE.

We live in Fountain, that does not mean targets are safe, there are many ways to engage.

Your first step is to talk to us.

Recruitment Open

Nice influx of keen, salty, recruits recently.

Awesome fleets, today 2 Roqueral’s were destroyed. Have you seen a capital explode? Come join us in glorious explosions

Very glad I joined AIR and INIT. Right amount of freedom and responsibility. Plenty of PVP, but still able to rat and mine to my heart’s content. Leadership is supportive and willing to help educate. Have already recruited a couple of friends and continue to encourage folks from my previous corporation to join us.

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AIR is an oldschool corp filled with mature, long time players who are mainly based in the UK/EU. We aim to make an atmosphere where we are brothers in arms and help each other like a family.

And Up!

Hello Space Fans. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a real internet spaceship hero just like me, now is your chance! Step forth and be counted! AIR no.1 killer!

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We can provide the opportunities, you choose how and how much you want to contribute.

Air is recruiting.

What we’re looking for, ideally:

  • Mumble with a working microphone
  • Participation in Corporate and Alliance operations
  • Small Gang, Fleet and nullsec experience
  • Be able to buy Alliance and Corp doctrines
  • Willingness to train into alliance doctrines
  • Mature, friendly players who are committed