Akavhi Guard - Malpais: Your Full Null PvP Experience!

We are still recruiting, come join us!!!

Recruitment is still open! Join us in both large and small scale PvP.

Come join us guys!

lookinig for fun time in nullsec? join us!

We’re still looking for new pilots to join our up and coming corp! Feel free to drop by our in-game channel ‘Akavhi Guard Pub’ or join our Discord Channel to see if we’re the right fit for you!

We have Cookies, Cake, and pie!


Recruitment is still open!

We need all types of pilots!

Plenty of PvP to be had here, join today!

Still recruiting!

Good corporation around good guys :slight_smile:

Recruitment is still open! Weekly drunk roams, constant coalition PvP, and multiple mining ops a week!

Looking for the best content in the game? Tired of not having anyone to play with? Akavhi Guard is hiring anyone interested in nullsec life. All are welcome! if you have the skills and the determination to play EVE how it was meant to be played, WE WANT YOU!

Come Mine with us!

Was going to join your Discord channel (invite in the recruitment ad) to ask a few questions but I can’t join.

I’ll try and catch up with you in game at some point.

Ori o/


Come Fight in WWBII !!

Recruitment is back open, come help us fight the Goons!

Lots of content to be had