Brothers of Akavhi Welcome You!

We are the highsec division of Akavhi Guard, choosing to serve as ambassador’s for the Guard by excelling in all things related to high security space. Operations include:

  • Mission Running / Salvaging
  • Asteroid/ Gas / Ice Mining with boosts
  • Incursions / Salvaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Market Trading
  • Periodic pvp roams

We also feature a buyback program to ensure all products our members want to sell are bought and utiilized for the good of all guardsmen! This includes: Asteroid / Ice / Gas mining products and salvage.

But wait, there’s more! We offer a graduated path towards nullsec content with our pvp division. This includes roaming with nullsec pvp pilots and learning fleet operations / commands / basic tactics from experienced capsuleers. Training in relative safety will help pilots develop skills needed to join our nullsec corporation.

No SP Requirments!
No Wars!
New Bro Friendly!

Did i mention New Bro Friendly?

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