All of these are now sold

(Arestes) #1

So there is no point even looking here…

(Isell That) #2

mail sent

(Vulgus Carovigra) #3

ill take a shield and a computer

(DeepSpaceBart) #4

Me again

I will take the below

Jump Bridge
Power Generator

Thanks again

(Arestes) #5

Thanks everyone, all the contracts are up.


(The Great Engineer) #6

I will take one doomsday

(DeepSpaceBart) #7

Back Again, I should get frequent buyer miles by now :slight_smile:

1 x Capital Armor Plates - 1.6b/u
2 x Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint - 2.7b/u
1 x Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint - 2.0b/u

Feel free to give me a discount as you know I am cheap lol

(Arestes) #8

Bunch more BPOs sold.

Bump for the evening.

(The Great Engineer) #9

I did not see the contract

(DeepSpaceBart) #10

Seems I am missing the Contract as well

(Arestes) #11

Sorry, Gents.

TGE - I’ve put your DD on contract to you.
DSB - I have put the Clone VAT Bay up for you also.

Thank you,


(Arestes) #12

BPOs still up for grabs.

(system) #13

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