Pete's shop (sold out)

(Pete Tomaszewski) #1

SOLD OUT (for now)

All in JITA 4-4, Contract Only. You can either ask me to set a contract here, or contact me IG via convo/mail.

(dr poom) #2

Is there a discount for purchasing all

(Pete Tomaszewski) #3

sure, that can be discussed privately

(Ratokus) #5

Capital construction parts — 1,45B
Capital capacitor battery — 1,8B
Capital propulsion engine — 2B
Capital siege array — 2,2B


(Pete Tomaszewski) #7

Contract is up Ratokus


Ametat, Cyclops, Antaeus, malleus, Tryfing, Termite, Firbolg, Siren



(Pete Tomaszewski) #11

contract is up

(hasra azmat) #13

Armor, Clone VAT, Corp Hanger, Jump drive, Power Gen and ship maint all for 11.5?

(Pete Tomaszewski) #14

contract is up

(hasra azmat) #15

You missed the jump drive bpo in the contract

(Pete Tomaszewski) #16

ooooops, sent you a mail

(Bionik20) #18

I’ll give 950m for the BPO’s.

(Pete Tomaszewski) #19

Contract is up

(Pepizaur) #20

Capital Trimark BPO to me plz.

(Pete Tomaszewski) #21

Contract up

(Claire Elarik) #23


ill take;

Capital hyperspatial 10/20 — 125m
Einherji — 525m

(Pete Tomaszewski) #24

Contract is up

(Pete Tomaszewski) #30

Capital clone vat bay SOLD

(Claire Elarik) #31

Ill take Capital Armor Plates and Capital Power Generator

thx !

(Pete Tomaszewski) #32

contract is up!