Pete's shop (sold out)

SOLD OUT (for now)

All in JITA 4-4, Contract Only. You can either ask me to set a contract here, or contact me IG via convo/mail.


Is there a discount for purchasing all

sure, that can be discussed privately

Capital construction parts — 1,45B
Capital capacitor battery — 1,8B
Capital propulsion engine — 2B
Capital siege array — 2,2B


Contract is up Ratokus

Ametat, Cyclops, Antaeus, malleus, Tryfing, Termite, Firbolg, Siren



contract is up

Armor, Clone VAT, Corp Hanger, Jump drive, Power Gen and ship maint all for 11.5?

contract is up

You missed the jump drive bpo in the contract

ooooops, sent you a mail

I’ll give 950m for the BPO’s.

Contract is up

Capital Trimark BPO to me plz.

Contract up


ill take;

Capital hyperspatial 10/20 — 125m
Einherji — 525m

Contract is up

Capital clone vat bay SOLD

Ill take Capital Armor Plates and Capital Power Generator

thx !

contract is up!