All sold

(Arestes) #1

As the title says, I’m selling off a bunch of Apostle BPOs.

They’re all ME8 TE10. Yours for the sum of 1.4b/unit. If you want 10, the price is 1.4b/unit.

Thank you,


(Not 4 Sale) #2

Contract me 1 please, I will accept that later today.

(Mad Vemane) #3

ill take one

(Phoenix Tasador) #4

I’ll take 2. contract on this Char please

(Claire Elarik) #5

I’ll take 3 BPOs thanks !

(Yanis Whatthefukis) #6

I´ll take 3 on this char :slight_smile: (assuming they are in Jita)

(Alocose) #7

I will take 1

(Vulgus Carovigra) #8

One to me please

(DeepSpaceBart) #9

I will take 1 please

(Arestes) #10

Thanks, Gents. All contracts are up.

Still plenty to be sold!


(Arestes) #11

Approximately 15 BPOs sold. Still 35 left!


(Gihon) #12

I’ll take 8, thanks. Contract to me.

(Wuuk) #13

will take 2 contract to me.

(SnakeTheBest) #14

please contract me 1

(KiloAlpha) #15

Contact 1 to me please

(zuess2) #16

contract one to me please

(Lily Bukandara) #17

i need one,pls contract to" sufei dryovernigh" pls.

(windorf) #18

contract one to me please

(Arestes) #19

Thanks, Chaps. All contracts are up and people have been mailed.

21 left now.

(Fryd Zeal) #20

Hi I can take 2. Contract to this char pls )