Daily bump.

Daily bump.

i can do 2.5 b

offer 7 bil for 2?

Offer the 6 B/o for the Orca Pilot

Sounds good! Send him the ISK and send him the account name and I’ll lodge the transfer ticket!

Isk send and acc details

Transfer ticket has been created. Cheers.

Would you do a bulk deal for 5 or 10 exhumer pilots?

For 5+ characters I’d be happy to do 4.5B/character.

What about 72b for all 17?

That works for me!

Send 4.23529B to each of the Exhumer characters (and an EVEMail to each for where you want them to go) and I’ll lodge the transfer tickets.

Just to confirm, these are all of the Exhumer characters:
Amber Nolen
Lucas Aishai
Guinevere Tawate
Walter Jouhinen
Keira Hilanen
Don Uisen
Emmy Ikkala
Cedric Akiga
Elouise Fumimasa
Wesley Heleneto
Francine Paaltomo
Leon Yaken
Andrea Anneto
Felix Togenada
Yvonne Aakiwa
Hugh Heleneto
Laura Eistiras

sounds good! give me about an hour and isk will be transfered with acc names

isk and acc name sent on all toons!

Cheers, I will lodge the transfer tickets tonight when I am home from work.

I will let you know when they are created.

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Transfer tickets have all been lodged.

Perfect ill confirm once I receive them all!

still nothing, any news from ccp?

Same here still waiting on the orca pilot

Haven’t heard anything from CCP yet regarding any of the transfers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the response time was delayed from the DDOS :frowning: