WTS Orca Pilot and Exhumer Pilot. 22/20Mil SP Perfect boost / All t2 crystal mining

Selling these two industry characters in pair, they both have PI and research skills. Also the Exhumer toon has some really great reprocessing skills. Meaning he can use all t2 mining crystals.

Orca Pilot has nice implants.

This is a perfect combo for someone who wants to start mining and get some good isk going.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tajk_Utrigas +200 Unallocted SP Exhumer Pilot
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Neven_Ibrakov Orca Pilot

I really want to sell them both as a package.

Best offer:
Buyout: 45B

Welcome to PM ingame for further info or bartering.


Offer 20b

25 bil. for both

Bid noted.


Friendly bump. Accept my bid :slight_smile:

It’s a abit to low for both characters. I would feel comfortable with selling the orca pilot for something in that price range.

How many you want for both?

Good luck, bro…



Closed at OP’s polite request.