WTS Exhumer 3, Orca 1 Pilot 10bil


https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mallang_Maken - 2.5 bil

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mallang_Eto - 2.5 bil

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mallang_Anzomi - 2.5 bil


https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mallang_Hita - 2.5 bil

10 bil

If these are still for sale I will buy all 3 Exhumer pilots

All right. I’ve been waiting for you.

Price is 2.5b each?

Yes, Bro

can you log into those toons and confirm they are for sale and i will send isk and info

ISK and All info sent Awating transfers, waiting on seller to send characters still or send back isk

I’ll purchase the Orca pilot for 2.5bil.

I wanna buy Orca pilot,2.6bil

When will you initiate the transfer?

@Nadrndani_Vodokotlic you sent the isk and info to me i am a buyer not seller

Isk has been returned

2019.11.21 20:36:13 Player Donation 2,600,000,000 ISK *************** ISK [r] Nadrndani Vodokotlic deposited cash into w3arekiingz Kahoudi’s account

2019.11.21 20:46:31 Player Donation -2,600,000,000 ISK *************** ISK [r] w3arekiingz Kahoudi deposited cash into Nadrndani Vodokotlic’s account

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Sry and ty for return my ISK u are the best<3

Ok… so, my offer still stands for 2.5bil on the Orca pilot.

2.6bil for Orca pilot

Still interested in all 3 miners

And me for Orca pilot

Interested in the Orca pilot, if still available.

Interested in the Orca pilot

I will take all 4 characters for 10b buyout.

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