Alleyway Property The US/EU HiLoSec Corp

Hello there!

We are a USmain/EU timezone Highsec Lowsec based Corp that has dusted itself down with a new mission to find its place in the EVE universe. We have a home, we have ideas and we have active leaders, 7 brave active pilots and are growing!

What we need is YOU!

A perfect Corp for newbros and veterans looking for a fresh start and a new adventure with us as we grow into a 50 active man “real life first” corp. We are an active group and have one or two streamers that want you in their content!

  • 5% Tax rate
  • Daily mining fleet
  • Daily Corp events
  • 95% Jita Buyback
  • Salaried Corp lead roles.
  • Galante lvl4 Missions
  • Industry and Trader roles

Your new home is a pleasant and unique space in the universe, a stone throw away from highsec and null sec with a string of low traffic systems in between the trade hubs. A perfect place to hone your skills with a wide range of activities to benefit from in all three sector types.

Come ask us more and join in game chat channel: Alleyway

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