2 players LF active HI-Sec PvE corporation


I am a returning player with around 46m SP and last month, my partner became hooked on eve too. She went for omega and I’ll help to find her way in eve and also finding my own way again, since it is a while ago.
We are looking for a home, so we can be involved with what eve has to offer.
We do a lot of things ourselves, but the more people are up to do things together, the more fun it is gonna be.

Let us know if you can offer us a good home in HI-Sec.

Kind Regards,

Hi there,

Please consider a life with Determinant Exposure, in the Alliance Capitalists Incorporated.
We live in the Gallente high sec space of Verge Vendor, Aideron constellation and we are a growing Industrial group of players, but I’m looking to bring in some more PvE content players who could start benefiting from the industrial actions of our peers.
We operate a low Corp tax of 5% and don’t mind if you prefer to be relatively nomadic in playstyle, following incursion groups, or your preferred group of missions.
I operate across EU and US time zones.

If you’re interested or have any questions, you can mail me or find me in the channel ‘DE Recruitment’

Wherever you go, Fly safe,


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