Looking for explorer, industry, pve players

Long time eve player here(70mil sp, 50mil sp) , . I have a US-EST Corp currently with 1 active(100mil sp) , and 1 very inactive real life buddies. We focus on high sec industry, pve, ads.

Family first,
Family oriented (please no swearing).

We are hoping to bring an explorer in who would be willing to sell combat sites(or data/relic) or do sites with us.

Our ideal candidate would also be up for the new three player ADS sites.

Haulers are welcome as we do a good amount of industry. Willing to pay for daily/every other day runs of mins. (1bil collateral+)

We have an EC 4 jumps from jita, hoping to expand to a refinery or another EC when it makes sense. Again we are low stress long time players who simply love the game and want to have a good escape from real life stresses.

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