Alliance Logo

I have a bit left to go before I’d be allowed to implement an alliance logo for my alliance but I am in the market for one. Just wondering what options id have available to me. I have an idea for what I want and I’m willing to pay whatever ways we are allowed to pay here (not trying to break any rules) if we are required to pay with ISK I can do that.

Alliance name is Burn The Boats

sort of a double meaning:
Primarily, The concept of ‘burning the boats’ is associated with ancient military commanders who would instruct their men to burn the ships before a conquest, so as to create a point of no return. The soldiers would be left with no other option but to conquer the island or be killed.
“If you want to take the island, then burn your boats. With absolute commitment come the insights that create real victory.”

Secondly, We would be burning the boats (spaceships) of our enemies. :slight_smile:

So what I’m thinking is a Tempest that looks like a sail boat that’s on fire.

Still looking as we grow closer to the date for being allowed a logo. Reach out in game, on here, or on discord. We can work something out I’m sure.