Alliance looking for Minng And Indy Corps

A new idea for all the smaller mining Corps. Or those just wishing to be able to mine or chat with others in eve. And are having trouble getting new members who wish to join a small indy Corp.

We can offer to Corps. That have no structures or not able to be war Deced to join an Alliance that offer a way for like minded people to mix and work together.

How many times have you logged on only to find no one around to mine with this you remain in your Corp. but can chat with other corps and setup mining Op’s or help each other out and it will cost nothing as Alliance has no fees or Op’s that you are required to do.

So life in Eve goes on and you can do as you please but with access to others in corps around you.

This Alliance is a Industry Based and is happy for others like minded to be part of this Alliance so we all gain help and a way into Eve.

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