Alliance Seeks New Blood for HS Wars!

What we are about:

Are you looking for a higher purpose in HS? We are looking for a new crew of players and corps willing to train towards HS warfare in order to help defend lower tier Industrial corps being decced by bigger groups.


Minmatar Lives Matter was born by a small group of bitter vets from a mutual hatred of the circle of blues in null and the constant wardeccing of new corps and players in HS by so called elite pvpers. The grid-lock of the blue donut coalitions had left little room to maneuver without becoming friends with half the galaxy in order to gain a foot hold.
From this we vowed to protect those who needed it most and, so we started out with a motley crew of ragtag industrialists and pvpers…. Leading to where we are now!

What we expect:

As the alliance leader and senior FC, expect to find me aggressively negotiating in anything from Capital Skirmishes to T1 Frigate doctrines across all areas of space.
As such I expect the same kind of attitude from my fellow members, but I do understand that RL comes first, so if you can’t be online for awhile then JUST TELL US! The one thing that will get u kicked aside from being a drama queen is going AFK for months without telling anybody. Above all else a willingness to participate in Alliance level Ops when needed.

What we offer:

Freedom! Yes, that elusive commodity in this game – we have loads of it, honestly as long as you have 2-3 main doctrine ships in our home system and a jump clone setup, go where ever and kill whoever or build whatever anywhere else. However, if there is a War or we are doing some training just make the effort to rock up and help build the team.

At the same time feel free to participate in other fleets without fear of shooting blues (since we don’t have any lol) in other words NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) roams are 100% OK in this Alliance.

Recruitment Channel: House of Highsec

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Up she goes!

Come do things and stuff couse you feel like it :slight_smile:

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