Minmatar Lives Matter is seeking Hisec based Corporations with Nullsec aspirations!

As the name suggests we are an Empire based industrial alliance who actively engages with NPSI public fleets. We are looking to recruit corps who are based (OR willing to relocate) within the Domain region, our primary focus currently is to build activity within the alliance and provide content for our members.

Our angle is that we are building towards increasing the wealth of our members and alliance via joint programs centred around scaling up our alliance’s business model and directly channeling the profits back into our PVP fund to provide free ships to our members.

Longer term we are looking to form a coalition with some like minded alliances hopefully with the goal of one day providing major industrial output whilst maintaining PVP operations.

If this sounds like the kind of place you would like to be apart of the hit us up our recruiting channel is " House of Highsec " - alternatively mail me directly!


Guys! Still looking for people interested in building towards bigger and better things…

Evemail me and I will send you our discord info if you would like to come and chat!

Still looking for more interested corps!

welcomed a new corp yesterday - will yours be next? come have a chat and find out :slight_smile:

The office is set with Tea and coffee, perhaps even pie depending on your tastes. Lark is at least half-decent at serving :wink:

Still open to new members :slight_smile:

Online and ready to chat!

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