Alliance Why S0 Serious. looking for like-minded corps

The young alliance is recruiting corps for flights into the pochven and null space in esoteria

  • Almost daily fleets.
  • PVP content is always there.
  • We have nullsec systems with Sansha NPCs in Esoteria region
  • No CTA, completely free time.
  • Do you want to PVE, do you want to fly with alns or corps.
  • Own discord and mumble server, friendly team.

Our recruit channel: WS0S
Alliance website:
Alliance Discord: Why S0 Serious.
Community pochven discord: 6u4BeHb

What can we offer? Mutual assistance and support, compensation for stupid kills, experience of living in the pochven, in, zeros, low and high secs. Most of the pilots are 30+ years old, most of the pilots are far from new to the game (I myself play from nanonerf).

What makes us different from others for the better? Yes, perhaps only the adequacy of behavior, and then not always and not everywhere. We are not a power block, we don’t grind on a thousand noobships in jita, we don’t overblob with grunt meat, we have practically no standings, we don’t strive to have our own claim crabs, we just play this game just for fun.

Who would we like to see in our ranks? Yes, perhaps I will say honestly and without show-off. At the moment, we need numbers, in fact, any. Therefore, we accept and train beginners, as well as those who have been playing for a long time. In any case, if we do not suit the person, or the person does not suit us, there is a button…

And yes, we are Russian collective, but the main part understands English without any problems and all commands in the fleet can be dubbed in English.

moved to nullsec space Esoteria

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