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Feeling you’re not getting the most from your EVE experience? Alpha Flight is Recruiting :sunny:

To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

Who are Alpha Flight?

Alpha Flight is a friendly and mature[ish] corporation, a member of a sov holding alliance based in Providence. Our core member base is primarily active during EU/US timezones and most prominent within EVE from around 17:00 to 5am.

Our leadership is experienced and has been playing for over 14 years, the corporation prides itself on friendship and having fun - we are looking for players of the same mentality, should anyone ask for help we would like our members to step up where possible.

We don’t require our members login every single day, we know families, jobs and life come first - though we are passionate about EVE. We try to encourage meetups and out of game events where possible which helps to develop kinsmanship. We’ve had a presence at various out of game events including EVE fanfest, Evesterdam and EVE Manchester; we have met many of the pilots we fly with in and around Providence.

To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

Where we are?

We are members of a fair sized NRDS (not red don’t shoot) community known as Provibloc, meaning we will not attack entities who are of no significant threat, any non-hostile entities are welcome to live amongst us in Providence. We do not condone piracy, scamming or socially challenged behaviour.

To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

What we do?

Our main focus is sociability, we like to encourage all our members to help each other, be there for each other and to have a stable and friendly environment when people login.

Being Providence based, even though we are NRDS it tends to yield a lot of PVP opportunities since everything one seems to think NRDS is a group of pussies, how wrong.

When we are not in fleets, whether they be for defence or roams we enjoy working together mining, building ships, ratting. We are a socialable group, and being able to grab a beer, login and wind down from work is at the top of our list.

To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

I am interested, how do I get in?
We have an in-game public channel EVE-FLEET, to get started you should join this channel and state your intentions to join, hang out and talk to our members while we see if we are a suitable match for each other.

It is not unusual for the application process to take more than a couple of days while we evaluate you, it is expected you have a little patience. There is no point in having you join our corporation and then leave after a few days because it’s not for you - that doesn’t benefit anybody it just wastes both your time, and ours.

To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

New pilot looking to learn
Looking for a Corp to teach me how to PvP and join your fleet!
Market seeder/owner looking for corp/alliance
Old player returning...looking for a corp to join
New industrial player looking for industrial corporation
12 mil SP Pilot looking to learn PvP
Looking for Industrial, PVE 0.0 based corp
You've heard it all before... returning to eve... for the 4th time
13mln sp pilot looking for null/wh corp
50m + sp player looking for new home!
Semi New Pilot looking for home
6 mil SP character LF Null Sec Pve/pvp corp
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Happy System Administrators Appreciation Day :grinning:

Why not drop by our in-game channel (EVE-FLEET)and have a chat?

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Welcome to the weekend folks!

Tired of playing alone? Or do you constantly login never to find anyone online? EVE is classed as an MMO for a reason it’s supposed to be played with others.

Join in-game channel EVE-FLEET if you’d like to discuss becoming part of our amazing community.

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Drop by our in-game channel EVE-FLEET, come have a chat.

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Around for most of the day if you want to drop by and have a chat.

Public Channel: EVE-FLEET

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Looking for interested pilots, join our in-game channel EVE-FLEET to get started.

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Late night bumpage

(Xiao Liang) #8

You’ve got me interested in this community. I’m still new to the game (haven’t even finish the tutorial), but I might come and join after I gain more experience with the game.

If I was to join I would like to focus down the mining/industrial side of the game, though some PVP never really hurt anyone.

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Alpha Flight is more PVP focused than industrial, and I am looking to improve on the industrial side. Would be nice to get some people involved in supplying ships to alliance for SRP purposes.

We don’t force PVP participation but I do try to bribe people into it :slight_smile:

So if you’re looking to get involved in a good community with a good bunch of guys, PM me in game or join our public channel EVE-FLEET and we can have an informal chat about how we can help each other get the most out of EVE.

(Xiao Liang) #10

Yay! I’ll have to PM you later, since I’m quite busy. Just to warn you, I still haven’t finished the tutorial mission, and I’m also looking at different groups as well. I’ll most likely make a choice of which group to join after I’ve finish the tutorial.

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You may be better joining a corporation such as EVE University first if you are new to the game, they help new players get used to EVE and it’s mechanics.

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Saturday night folks! :slight_smile: beer and chill

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Probably a good time to ping for other timezones :slight_smile:

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Sick of logging in and nobody is online? If you are looking for an active corp, come join us in our public channel

Join channel EVE-FLEET in-game.

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Looking for both US and EU players

Join in-game channel EVE-FLEET

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Join in-game channel EVE-FLEET

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To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

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To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

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Looking for a new home?

To get started join our public channel EVE-FLEET

(Xiao Liang) #20

Hello there!

I’m back and I’ve learned more about the game. So I still would like to join your community, but I must say that I still haven’t experienced null-sec life yet. Lowest that I’ve been to is 0.4 to mine some stuff before I ran back to base.

Also been experimenting with the drones, and I’ve started to really love them. So if you’re still looking for people I’m up for it.